Based in Hamilton and servicing Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and the Coromandel

Whether you have a villa in Hamilton or a 1940s house in Tauranga, underfloor insulation can make your home more cosy

While newer homes are often built on concrete slabs, older homes built on piles or wooden frames can lose heat through the floor. Underfloor insulation is a cost effective way to make your home more cosy, and simple to install polyester blanket insulation is a perfect option to choose. Contact us to see how underfloor insulation can help keep your home warmer. Insultech Insulation works with clients in Hamilton, Tauranga, across the wider Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, north to Coromandel and south to Taupo.


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Add a layer of warmth to your Waikato or Bay of Plenty home with underfloor insulation 

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In older homes the floor can be an area of substantial heat loss
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Adding blanket insulation has a measurable effect
Insultech Insulation uses high-quality polyester insulation designed to last

We work with customers across Waikato and the Bay of Plenty

Temper™️Cloud floor insulation is durable and effective

Polyester blanket insulation is the best choice for underfloor insulation because the rolls are perfectly sized for handling in tight access sub-floor spaces. They are designed to fit between floor joints against the underside of the floor and can be tightly installed for a high R-value.

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Window cleaning is part of the package when Complete Cleaning Solutionsdoes a construction site cleanup. We offer an initial builders window cleaning to remove dried concrete, plaster or paint from windows.

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Complete Cleaning Solutions will go the extra mile to make your new home shine. With attention to detail all traces of the building process will be cleaned and removed. Special attention will be given to the kitchen and bathroom. Complete Cleaning Solutions will wipe out cupboards, clean skirtings and inside windows (included in the builders clean prices), vacuum and clean all hard surfaces.

At Insultech Insulation we use Temper™️Cloud underfloor blankets made from thermally bonded polyester fibres. Temper™️Cloud blankets are:

Quick and easy to install

Moisture and vermin resistant

Non-toxic and non-allergenic

Durable and designed to last more than 50 years

Made partially from fibre from recycled plastic bottles

Frequently asked questions

Are polyester insulation blankets safe?
Yes, they are non-toxic and non-allergenic and don't absorb moisture or lead to damp. Our insulation blankets also include fire retardant to reduce the risk of fires.
How long does it take to install?
In most homes, we can install the underfloor insulation in one day, although it does depend on the size of your house and the access.
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