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Make your dream home comfortable with blow in insulation

If you are building new, then it pays to start with the best practices and products that you can. While most modern homes are built on concrete slabs and do not need underfloor insulation, adding adequate levels of wall insulation and ceiling insulation is key to a warm and dry home. Good insulation can also have an effect on acoustics, lessening noise from outside and between rooms.

From 2022 new builds are also subject to improved energy efficiency guidelines under the H1/AS1 Building Standard which now has stated R-values for insulation depending on your location.

Insultech Insulation installs blow in insulation in new builds, giving you superior results and installed R-values compared to traditional batts or segments. The benefit of blow in insulation is that it gives better coverage, getting around pipework, wiring, fittings and ceiling and wall joints with almost no gaps.

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Superior insulation for new builds in Waikato and the Bay of Plenty

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Build a comfortable home with wall and ceiling insulation
blow in ceiling insulation hamilton
Create more stable temperatures and reduce noise
Insultech Insulation uses high-quality blow in insulation suitable for walls, ceilings and midfloors

We work with customers across Waikato and the Bay of Plenty

Insultech Insulation recommends Trufill® for superior results

For new builds, we use the Trufill® system of insulation. Trufill® can be used across a wide range of building styles for insulating:





Its flexibility also means it can be blown in at different thicknesses and densities depending on the required R-value. can be blown at different densities and thicknesses to achieve a wide range of installed R-Values. Trufill® is suitable even for high-performance homes.

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