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Ceiling insulation is the best way of stopping heat loss from your home

Up to 40% of the heat from your home escapes from your roof during winter making it hard (and expensive) to heat your home. 

Without anything to block it, warm air rises upwards and through the roof space and outside. In a similar way, colder air drops into your living space. In summer, the hot air from your roof space heats up against the ceiling and warms your living space when you don't want it to

Adding ceiling insulation solve those problems!

Insultech Insulation recommends blow in insulation for roof spaces as with wall insulation and we use high-quality products for best results.


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Expertly installed roof insulation with complete coverage for homes in Waikato and the Bay of Plenty

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Most heat is lost through your ceiling and roof space
blow in ceiling insulation hamilton
Adequate insulation helps to reduce heat transfer
Blow in insulation gives better coverage than traditional batts

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Blow in insulation is the best choice for your ceiling

If you are planning to add insulation to your ceiling space, then we recommend choosing blow in insulation. Unlike traditional insulation batts or segments, blown insulation doesn't leave any gaps, thermal bridging or vented cavities, giving you better coverage and a high R-value. You will need at least two layers of batts or blanket insulation to achieve the same effectiveness as blow in insulation.

We use Loft unbonded Glasswool insulation which has excellent thermal properties and blowing characteristics. It is non-combustible and won't rot or deteriorate over time, making it suitable even for use around light fittings.

It can be installed in both new builds and existing properties, in open or skillion roofs and is suitable for tight roof cavities with difficult access.

Frequently asked questions

Is Loft insulation completely safe?
Loft is made up to 80% recycled glass and inert materials that are non-combustible. the insulation can actually help to stop fire spreading. If you have recessed lights, we specify XLP protectors around every light. Loft insulation does not exceed the Gib 2010 Guide for maximum weight until R10 so it can be used with most gib board or plaster ceilings without any danger of collapse.
How does Loft blown roof insulation work?
Quite simply, Loft ceiling insulation works to keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in! It's like the lid on a chilly bin - if you put warm food in and close the lid, it stays warm. If you put cold food in, it stays cold. Just like the chilly bin lid, ceiling insulation works to stop or at least slow temperature transfer. High-quality insulation like Loft is better at regulating temperature transfer.
How easy is it to install Loft ceiling insulation?
Ceiling insulation is easy to install in both new builds and existing homes. If your home already has ceiling insulation such as Insulfluf we may be able to add to it to improve the R-value. However depending on the condition it may be better to remove it. If you have foil insulation this can no longer be repaired or retrofitted because of safety issues so it is best to remove it completely and upgrade to new insulation. Contact us to find out more and we can arrange an assessment of your current insulation.
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